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 1870 "A restaurant with soul and much craft".  Long talked Aitor Perurena, partner and chef of this restaurant located in the neighborhood of San Pedro Alcantara in Marbella was called to hold a Michelin star someday. The truth is that craft and creativity to spare pouring this Basque Malaga birth and adoption, but it has always been clear that your kitchen is not intended to win "awards", but to satisfy diners who daily fill this emblematic establishment .

 The team formed with partners and friends Cachy, Rosa and Vanina had it so clear from the beginning, who accepted the challenge of launching a restaurant with so much soul and passion for the sole purpose of connecting culinary pretensions of its customers by parking recipes that only draw attention to critical, but they forget something so simple and yet so difficult as it is to find the total satisfaction of the guess.

 1870 is a charming and spacious restaurant with valet service located in a mansion, which once also housed a great restaurant as it was the Reliquary and now with these new partners relay has imbued him over not only all categories a set, like a tastefully decorated, service very professional and pleasant room, plus a surprisingly modern kitchen, but also in the "good vibes" or vibe, we all want when we go out to lunch. 

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To make matters worse, Rosa is the jewel of this succulent cake (pun intended). She is responsible for all the pastry restaurant. With a frankly honest cuisine as Aitor it is best to seek advice and dive into endless culinary sensations that slowly satisfying our appetite.

What better proposal to clean up our taste buds, which start with a shot of beet and strawberry gazpacho, accompanied by a glass of champagne to continue a bluefin tuna tataki with soy and sesame dressing and then a carpaccio of white prawns, citrus and roe.

 Before continuing with the main dishes you can not miss the crab cannelloni "must" and infusion of police. A dish, which means signing Aitor among the great chef of the Costa del Sol.

For fall 1870 includes a pre-fried at low temperature with asparagus and jerky where we find the most refined technique with simplicity in preparation and to end the tenderloin of veal, bacon marinated fine creamed corn egg, which will get into that magical world of pastry Rosa, who on the day of our visit were intrigued with a fantastic mascarpone semifreddo and a chocolate mousse in three textures.