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Simplicity as a core element of seduction. A naturally excites. We seek to unite tradition and modernity, respecting the best quality product with a simple elegance, to achieve an elegant presentation. .

We dream of exquisite dishes tasty and natural mixing combinations. To close your eyes and your memory sashay our plates ... Everyone are welcome

Meet our menu:


1870 Spanish potato salad, dry-roasted squid, quail egg 14,50€

Potatoes with garlic shrimp 15,00€

Scallop carpaccio, bloody mary mango salad, mixed salad and eggs 17,75€

Lobster gazpacho, in the style of Le Chapon Fin 15,50€

Avocado upside down and red shrimp 16,50€

Italian Burrata, Iberian tomato, black olives and basil 15,50€

Beef steak tartare, mustard mayonnaise, crusty bread 21,00€

Carpaccio of shrimp, citrus fruit and roe 16,50€

Fresh shrimp salad, smoked tartare, mustard and honey vinaigrette 18,00€

Spider crab and red shrimp cannelloni in its flavoured infusion 18,50€

Crispy sweetbreads, glazed onion and jus 17,00€

Baby squid, seafood Malaga-style, pickled carrot 17,50€

Fried octopus, cream cheese, rocket 17,00€

Black rice with cuttlefish, with lime 17,00€

Sautéed lobster tails, thai broth, sautéed edamame beans 21,00€

Foie gras, chicken stock and its vegetables 18,00€

*VAT included


Cod cheeks in salsa verde with clams 23,00€

Seabass, Malaga gazpachuelo with fortified wine and seasonal shellfish 26,00€

Seafood, fish and clam stew 26,50€

Roast turbot, spinach and seaweed 25,00€

Roman-style hake, hazelnut romesco, seasonal tomatoes 23,50€

Sea bream, cockle broth with yuzu and coriander 26,00€

Cod with miso, noodles with oyster sauce 24,00€

*VAT included


Oven-baked lamp chops, their sweetbreads, tabbouleh 26,00€

Aged sirloin, potato terrine, pancetta and parmesan 26,00€

Roasted pig, glazed Parisian onions and piquillo peppers 27,00€

Crispy shoulder, wheat stew and fried green peppers 27,00€

Duck magret, figs, red wine sauce 24,00€

Andalusian-style Iberian pork, pak choi with pepper 25,50€

low-cooked beef ribs, teriyaki, celeriac purée 26,00€

*VAT included

Taste of Aitor.. minis minis

Vieira ligeramente tostada en escabeche suave.5,25€

Raviolis de gambas con su pil pil aromatizado 4,75€

Sardinas ahumadas en tosta, jengibre y huevas.4,50€

Cigalas crocantes con pan japonés 5,50€

Patatas bravas mixtas.4,50€

Tartare de salmón, mayonesa de wasabi 4,50€

"Mac foie" con cebollas en tempura.4,50€

Croquetas caseras 4,00€

Ensaladilla rusa 4,50€

*Prices excluding taxes

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